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All Payments to Suppliers


Payments to suppliers made by City of York Council from April 2011 onwards.

Resources are split according to financial years.

Date: The date shown is the date the transaction was input to the system, not the payment date.

Transaction number: Our internal reference number to enable us to identify an individual transaction. Transaction numbers beginning with CR relate to entries from the creditor system, usually straightforward payments or credit notes. Transaction numbers beginning with J relate to journal entries, which are usually an accounting entry to correct a miscoding error.

Amount: All payments shown exclude VAT. Negative amounts relate to credit notes or corrections.

Corrections: Miscoding errors may occur, for example the allocation of a payment to an incorrect expense area or expense type. These are usually corrected in the next month. One of the principles of the spending guidance is to make the data available quickly and to reflect how each individual item was originally recorded in the financial system. Therefore since this report includes only one months data it is likely to include some miscoding errors which have not been corrected yet. These corrections will not be back dated so will appear in the next months report. In the month that the correction occurs a credit (negative) amount will show against the incorrect expense area/ expense type and the corresponding payment will show against the correct expense area/expense type.

Supplier Name: The name of the supplier or recipient of the payment. Payments to individuals which may contain sensitive information have been redacted.

Supplier ID: Our internal reference number to enable us to identify the supplier.

Expense Area: The department where the expenditure is incurred.

Expense Type: The description of the nature of the spend.

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